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Finished series: The Sacred Blacksmith

We've finished watching The Sacred Blacksmith. My first episode review is here.

Cecily Campbell is a knight, but when she gets into her first serious fight, her family heirloom sword breaks and she is saved by Luke, a moody blacksmith who also forges katana. Of course, Cecily now wants a katana too, but Luke won't make her one -- unless she pays him a lot! But then a demon attacks and Luke creates an 'instant' katana with magic and the help of Lisa, his assistant.

There's some plot about how humans can sacrifice their flesh to become demons. There's 'demon swords' with special powers -- and some can turn into human form! Cecily is tasked with protecting one of these swords: Aria, a sword with the power of wind. Cecily and Aria become friends, and when a demon attacks during the annual market during a demonstration of Aria's powers to steal the demon sword, Cecily fends off the attack. We are made to believe that demon swords are really special and powerful -- and next thing we know, a group of four girls wander into town, each with a demon sword! And they're obviously no match for Luke's katana! And meanwhile, some sinister man in a black cloack is goading people on to become demons and run amok in the city!
The writers could not decide whether they wanted to make a dark fantasy series (like Beserker!) or a cutesy one with girls in skimpy armor. And as you can guess, it all falls flat on its face. Luke is an unlikable, unsociable fellow, Cecily is a dumb wench, Charlotte is the obligatory tsundere and Lisa is the friendly loli. And then the bad guy is revealed during the last episode -- and then the series is mercifully over without any sort of resolution and with the plot not progressed one iota beyond where things were at the beginning of the series. Perhaps there will be a second season, but we already know we're going to give it a miss.
The animation is done incredibly cheaply: when a character talks, we only see the mouth move for a bit, and not even in sync with the sounds produced by the voice actor. The rest of the shots are lacklustre -- the only really vivid visuals in the series are the digital effects when Luke starts magically forging a katana. The rest is drab, drab, drab.

We watch this crap so you don't have to. Learn from our mistakes, and steer clear of this drivel! I'll give it a 3.5 -- a waste of our time. It just didn't get better.
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