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Paper-and-linen codex

When you look at websites like Etsy, there are a lot of notebooks for sale. Most are hardcovers, with linen around the spine and paper on the covers. An interesting technique, and I wanted to see if I could do that too. Time to make another codex!

The book. I used dark-red linen for the spine and to protect the ends of the covers. In between those is dark-brown washi with a crane-pattern. The book-block consists of seven signatures of 16 A6 pages each. The bookblock has been fastened to the cover with a dark-red-brown Canson miteinte endpapers.

I got a foil-pen for my birthday from klik, and of course I wanted to try it out. I printed out 'FUB' in a Times New Roman font (28 points, so almost 1cm high), taped that to the foil and traced the letters with the pen. You can see it's hand-traced, but I am very impressed with the effect: it's really vibrant and looks quite nice. The only mistake I made is that I put the letters upside-down...

As an extra effect, I traced the little crosses in the top left corner of the front cover, also in the gold foil. You can also see that the linen and the paper line up pretty well: they're next to eachother, not one over the other.

The finished book. I am quite pleased though the little cross in the lower-right corner didn't come out correctly. Also, I made the spine too thick (or the bookblock too thin), which means the book can't be opened all the way and there is a lot of strain on the endpapers. So next time, I will make the spine exactly as wide as the bookblock and leave more room between the spine and the covers. But I now know how the technique goes, so next time I will try to use one of the lined bookblocks I bought!
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