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Last batch of the new April anime:

SD Gundam: Legend of the Three Kingdoms: Brave Battle Warriors: The legend of the three kingdoms retold. With super-deformed Gundam mecha as the characters. That ride mechanical horses. And of course all the bad guys are of the same mecha type -- apparently your role in life is determined when you're built, or something. Just how that would work out is not completely clear...
If you've never seen anything based on the legend of the three kingdoms, or you're a total Gundam otaku, it may be amusing. But otherwise it's a really weird combination that doesn't add anything new.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!: Takumi lives with Otome, who runs a pattisserie called 'Stray Cat' -- apparently Otome has a thing for stray cats. Takumi finds himself surrounded by a tsundere rich girl, a tsundere childhood friend (both of whom have the hots for Takumi, of course), an otaku friend and a know-it-all friend. And then a cake goes missing and the prime suspect says that it's a cat that swiped it, and then everybody goes to search for the cat -- and they find a catgirl!
Yeah, total otaku-bait, run fully by the numbers. I could not detect a single spark of originality in the first episode.

Senkou no Night Raid: Set in the 1930's in Shanghai. The Japanese army is running amok in China, and lots of things are going on just under the surface in Shanghai. Lots of political intrigue, with many factions and shifting alliances. The Japanese have an ace up their sleeve: a squad of special agents with special abilities to do their dirty jobs!
Action-packed and filled with intrigue. The special ops squad is the focus of the series, and I like how their special abilities have limitations that means they have to carefully calculate their plans in order to pull them off. Gorgeously animated, and promises a run filled with intrigue and action. One to watch out for.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: Akuto wants to study to become a respected magician, in order to protect society. But at the magical academy there's something akin to the Sorting Hat, which predicts people's future occupation. And according to the prediction, Akuto will become the Demon King, the opponent of all that is Good and Just! Obviously Akuto tells everyone that it must be a mistake, but everything he does after that is seen as an omen that he will turn out to be the Demon King after all! And of course the girls in his class don't want anything to do with him...
Yeah, what can you say? Comedy of errors, with magic and panty-shots thrown in for good measure. And not very original either.

House of Five Leaves: During the Edo period, Akitsu is a poor and shy samurai who tries to get by by hiring himself out as a bodyguard. One day he meets Yaichi, who hires him to protect him during a business transaction. It turns out that Yaichi is the head of an organisation that kidnaps the heirs of wealthy people who exploit others. Yaichi is not in the business to be some sort of Robin Hood, but to have an easy life. We get to see some scenes from Yaichi's youth which explain why he became that way, and where the name 'Five Leaves' comes from.
Really interesting set-up with some great characters. The designs are not that attractive, but klik spotted immediately that they were similar to the ones from Ristorante Paradiso: the source manga's of both series are from the same mangaka. One to watch!

Yutori-chan: Yutori works part-time at a toy/character goods company. Her cheerful lack of common sense puts her sempai in all sorts of semi-desperate situations.
Short web-based anime, totally lacking in any sort of funny -- even though it styles itself as a comedy. Totally forgettable.
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