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Dokapon Kingdom

So I got Dokapon Kingdom (for Wii) from klik as an early birthday present. And it's a fun game -- it reminds me of the old Talisman boardgame by Games Workshop: free-ranging roaming all over the board, random fights, the works. But there's more depth in this game: you can liberate cities (and subsequent tax them), you can build up your character and choose from multiple carreers, etcetera. And because it's all computer-mediated, there's room for special events too. Great fun.
But there are two things that detract from the game. The first is no network play, even though that had been announced before. Bummer.

The second is the unbelievably bad job they did on the localisation to Dutch. There are multiple spelling mistakes ('Dieff' instead of 'Dief'), but those could be explained by typos and shoddy QC. But it gets worse: if you win a battle, you get a message in bright, 3D wriggling letters: "GEWON". That's not a Dutch word. How one can confuse it with "GEWONNEN" (which is what it should have been) is beyond me.
And on the back of the packaging there's the "Oringinal Nintendo Seal of Quality". So now we know what that is worth. :P
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