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April anime

I haven't posted a complete series review since forever -- I'm not missing it, but I might start up again if I feel like it... But I do want to give my thoughts on some of the new season's series!

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru: Yuki, an orphan, can sense the mental state of those he touches. And he's cute and he knows judo. And then a lot of people appear who know his name, and there are Brooding Figures watching from the roof, and Dark And Foreboding occurrences. Yuki sort of stumbles through this, being all cute and innocent, while around him all hell breaks loose in a rather clichéd way.

Sex Pistols: Some humans have not evolved from monkeys but from other animals. And of course, they're superior to the monkeys -- being able to control pheromones and souls and stuff like that. And of course hunky boys are totally getting it on with each other. Light on plot, even when compared to other yaoi.

Giant Killing: East Tokyo United soccer club is slipping in the rankings and the old-time fans have lost their enthousiasm for the club. The coach hands in his resignation, and the director for the club manages to find a new coach: Tatsumi, who left the club suddenly some years ago. The fans aren't too thrilled (since he is a 'defector') and Tatsumi walks around like he owns the place. His training menu is weird and his decisions make no sense at first sight, frustrating the players...
It's refreshing to see a sports anime that isn't about a school team fighting to get to the nationals. This time it's a third-rate soccer club that's fighting for survival. It didn't interest us enough to watch it, though.

Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri: Fairyland is slowly dissapearing, because humans don't produce enough 'happiness notes' to maintain the world. Three fairyland pets get a magical jewel each and are sent to Earth to find substitutes for the dissapeared Kaguya-hime, Snow White and Cinderella, who will be tasked with milking humanity for their happiness notes. And of course the substitutes are three pre-teen girls ('Little Princesses' -- hence 'Lilpri') who get possessed by the jewels, undergo a magical transformation and then involuntarily do a song-and-dance routine. And they don't even seem to mind, because it means they get to meet their idol!
Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

B Gata H Kei: Yamada looks great, and now that she has entered high school, she aspires to get 100 fuck buddies. But she's shy about the appearance of her genitals, so she wants to start out with a virgin boy. She selects a classmate as the ideal first partner and then tries to make heavy-handed amorous avances and being shy when things start to heat up...
I just can't believe how stupid this series is. There's just no other word to describe it -- and the unfunny 'comedy' doesn't save it at all.

K-ON!!: Second season of the anime about the Light Music Club. The four girls are set to graduate, and if they don't find new members, Azusa will be left alone in the club... And then they have another cup of tea with a cake!
Light-hearted fluff, just like the first season. If you liked that, you have to see this too.

Angel Beats: Otonashi wakes up, only to be told that he is dead. The afterlife is a school (mostly populated by "NPC's" who go about their days robot-like), and if you join them in their routines, you will dissapear one day -- possibly reincarnated, maybe into a barnacle! The student council president, reportedly an 'angel', sees to it that all students follow the rules -- and she is backed up by some supernatural abilities. One group of students arms themselves with guns and rocket launchers and fight against the angel: they're human now, but there's no guarantee they will be human in a next life. So why take the reincarnation-thing lying down?
Rather bizarre but interesting. Beautifully made -- check the meal tickets falling down in the first episode! Seems like a cross between Haruhi (it's probably no coincidence that the leader of the group resembles her) and K-ON -- with guns.

Heroman: Joey is a poor kid who has to work in a diner to make ends meet. One day he retrieves a discarded toy robot from a garbage can and restores it -- and then aliens arrive to invade earth and the radiation their ships give off gets channeled into the toy robot. Which then grows magically and turns into Heroman! Together with Joey, he saves Joey's would-be girlfriend from a car wreck!
Apparently Stan Lee created this one (he gets his cameo appearance in the first episode), and it shows: there's lots of 'magical' effects, and the characters have trouble being more than caricatures.
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