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Saturday, I wasn't in too good a shape. klik had to work, so I just chilled out (read: stayed in bed) until she got back. After a lunch, we went to her parents, where we also met gertvr and xaviar_nl. This appointment had been half a year into the making, and finally it came to fruition. We had brought some games for them, to thank them for kindly donating their FatBoy to us!
It was fun -- everybody seemed very relaxed and Henk (klik's father) demonstrated various artifacts (mainly household items from bakelite) that are on display all throughout their house. I did notice that it was two different worlds coming together there. Over the course of nine years, I have gotten used to hearing Henk's stories about his days in the army, his views on things. But I sensed that xaviar_nl and gertvr received a bit of a 'culture shock' when they told about the military Lourdes pilgrimage and things like that... Not that this was a bad thing, it was a really open exchange of ideas.
It was fun, and we should do this more often.

Sunday, we stayed indoors. I was still rather ill and could not bring up the concentration to do anything. So I started doing the ironing -- doesn't require any concentration at all. When I took a break, the cat was looking at the ironing board and mewing, so I put him on top of it. He seemed to like it, but then he pushed the iron on the floor! It's still working, but it's a bit wonky now...

Today, I decided to stay home as well. I had a Headache from Hell, who had taken his two buddies (Thoat-ache from Hell and Runny Nose from Hell) along with him. Again, I couldn't bring myself to do anything requiring any concentration, so I did the dishes and vacuumed the house. Spent a lot of time sleeping in bed too. I hope that I feel better tomorrow -- better go to bed early.

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