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I have a canvas bag that I use when we go geocaching. But I also used it in Japan to drag all my stuff with me all day: booklet for annotations and train routes, GPS receiver, pens and some other stuff. I had some pins on the flap, and during our vacation in Japan, I went overboard and bought a lot more.

The flap of my bag!

The pin on the left is the oldest one, from the Geocaching IRC Poffertjes Event 2007. There's a microcoin with the same design too.
Next to that is a pin I got out of a geocache in Son, where I was born. It's the municipal heraldry of Son, which is why I had to have it!
Next to that is a pin from Osaka Castle, which I bought on the top of the main tower in 2008.
Next to that is a pin I got out of a geocache in Denmark during our vacation there last year. I still don't know what 'Lyst hoved' means.
Next to that is a pin to commemorate the flower exhibition in Osaka in 2008. Not that we went there, but we did visit Osaka in 2008! I bought this one at a thrift market at a temple in Kyoto this year. Got a hefty discount too. :)

The pin on the left is a photo of the Golden Pavillion -- a very typical Kyoto attraction.
Next to that is Manto-kun, the unofficial mascot of Nara. Underneath it says '1300 [something]', because Nara was founded as the capital 1300 years ago this year. He has the antlers of the many deer roaming the park and a temple-like roof as a hat, but it's not clear to me what he is.
Next to that is Hikonyan, the 'lovable' samurai-cat mascot of Hikone. The whole town is drenched with this character, so of course I had to have a pin of him!
On the right is a pin showing Sento-kun, the official mascot of Nara. He too has antlers, and looks like a Buddha. Lots of people really dislike his appearance, which is why Manto-kun was designed as a rival mascot. I bought both pins in the same store, so I guess their rivalry hasn't led to bloodshed yet. You can read more about the controversy here.

At the top is the heraldry of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Note Totoro next to a tree in the lower half of the shield!
Under that are two geocaching patches.
The pin at the left is a kingfisher. I retrieved this pin from a geocache in the south of the province of Limburg, where the kingfisher occurs in the wild.
Next to that is the mascot character of Kyoto Tower. It's only available in the souvenir shop at the top, and when we were there the shop had already closed for the night -- so we went back the next day to get one.
Next to that is a pin of Tokyo Tower. I really like the perspective on this one. I bought it from the same thrift market as the Osaka pin.
Next to that is a sakura pin, which I bought at the thrift market too.
Next to that is a pin of Hikone Castle. I got that one from the souvenir stand next to the main keep.

Left is another sakura pin, also from the thrift market.
Next to that is a pin showing Ii Naokatsu, who built Hikone Castle.
Next to that is a pin showing Fuki, from Looking for a home, the short film we saw at the Ghibli Museum thistime.
Next to that is a pin showing a tengu mask. It's from a gashapon machine, and it's the one pin of the series that I liked the least.
Next to that is a pin showing a typical Kyoto delicacy. This, too, is from a gashapon machine, and this too was the one I liked the least.
Next to that (below) is a pin showing Boobo, the mascot of the Tokyo Broadcasting System. Our hotel was across the road from the TBS headquarters, and there were lots of promotional posters for new series plastered all over the subway station. We passed the TBS store on our way to the subway station, and I wanted to have a pin of their mascot too. This one is to show support for the Japanese athletes in the Olympics.
Next to that (above) is a pin showing the Big Buddha of Kamakura, flanked by flowers.

I really like my collection. I'm pretty sure there will be many additions in the future.

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