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Cosplay in space

I am not a fan of mixing cosplay with real life. When we were in Kamakura, we saw a girl (a tourist, perhaps she belonged to the group with the very loud Spanish-speaking guide) in Aria cosplay when we visited the main shrine there. I felt annoyed at her: what was she trying to achieve? Did she expect people to come up to her and tell her that they knew the series or something? And even though most Japanese people don't seem to mind, you are visiting a place of worship. Dressing up in play-clothes doesn't seem that appropriate to me.

So, no, I don't like cosplay outside of the cosplay subculture.

But wearing a Space Battleship Yamato T-shirt on the ISS? If you're an astronaut, that's pretty classy. (And the article claims that he 'cosplays', but all I see him do is wear that particular T-shirt. It's classy because it's subtle.)

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