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Herbal tea at the Herb Garden

The Herb Garden is pretty cool. At the top of the ropeway is a little
complex. In there is the Fragrance Museum, where you can learn about
perfumes, smell the different 'families' of smells and even do a workshop to
extract your own perfume from roses! The shop is also 'herbal'-themed, and
also sells honey from the herbal garden itself.
As you follow the path through the Herbal Garden, you get to see and smell
the various plants and flowers that grow there. At the conservatory, there
are displays showing (and allowing you to smell) various spices. They
explain how curry spice is made as well -- fun to smell the constituent
spices in isolation.
Further in is the cafe, where you can get fresh herbal tea. I'm not a fan of
herbal teas, but I have to admit that this was pretty tasty.
Having a magnificent view over Kobe certainly added to the experience.

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