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I feel like shit, just like yesterday evening. It's like a massive flu is on the brink of erupting -- my muscles ache, my head feels like it's all filled with fluffy cotton and I feel... wonky.

There was no writing course today (it's vacation), but we went into town anyway. I needed a new suit and some shirts, because my formal wardrobe didn't fit anymore. But I am losing weight, so I just needed a suit to wear for formal occasions in the near future. We went to the WE -- it's nothing special, but it's cheap and decent stuff. This time next week, I'll have a new dark grey suit.

Went by car to work today. The snowstorm was in full effect, so everybody was driving real slowly. The snow was piling up on the sides of the road and onto my windscreen. The wiper pressed the fresh snow to the side of the windscreen, producing a layered effect. It's the kind of visual image that would inspire a haiku...

Windscreen wiper wipes
Fresh snow away from vision
A mini glacier

5-7-5, and it even has a seasonal word in it. Now it's off to bed with me, I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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