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Dinner in the making

Yesterday I didn't get to eat okonomiyaki either, even though it's on the
top of my list of Japanese foodstuffs. After visiting the excellent Kamigata
Ukiyoe Museum (with woodblock prints advertising stage plays, with
impressive detailing), we found a folder listing all the shops down a single
downtown shopping street. We checked out the list in a small cafe after a
(brief) visit to DenDen Town, and there were some okonomiyaki places
The map also mentioned Tanseido, a shop with paper and artist's articles,
which we went to first. Turns out it had been moved because of renovations,
but the new location was posted on the fence. It was a small shop, but with
a great assortment in brushes, inks and... paper. They had the colorful
washi paper we love -- at less than half the price we pay for it in the
Netherlands. It pays off to go to the source!
After that, we went to one of the okonomiyaki places mentioned. This is our
dinner being prepared -- the left one is for me!

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