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Message from the future

Greetings from the future! As I write this, it's 16:00 here, while you poor people in CET-land are living in 08:00. Not to mention the poor people who live in the UK or the US, where it is even earlier! Those of you who asked me to mail the winning lottery numbers will shortly receive a mail from me!

After a long and tiring journey, we have checked in at our hotel in Osaka. We have a great room (with a view on the patio garden). It's just off a bustling street at the north gate of Tennoji station, but the room itself is incredibly quiet. And it has a kotatsu!
The weather isn't cooperating (yet): it's raining. But we did see some cherry trees in full bloom on our trip with the train into Osaka, so I'm sure it'll all work out. klik is taking a shower, and afterwards we plan to go on a stroll through Namba Parks to clear our heads and to find something to eat. And then it's off to bed, so we can start tomorrow fresh! Breakfast lasts until 08:30, so we will have to. ;)
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