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Windows woes

For some reason, my WinXP installation on Sootball (my erstwhile computer, the P4) has been broken. Currently I'm trying to execute a repair through the WinXP install CD, but even though the five green things keep happily pulsing and the Windows propaganda on the main screen going through its cycles, the process has been stuck in the 'Installing Devices'-step. It promises it will take only roughly 34 minutes to complete the install, but it has been stuck in that position for about 90 minutes now.
It's not like I need WinXP on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes there arises a need to use software that has no Linux equivalent. Like the Garmin software to upload maps to the GSPr. Or when I want to make a change to the Mediacenter software...

Yes, the MACH G still boots into WinXP. The codec packs and hardware accelleration support are superior in WinXP compared to Linux. And I need that, so I think it will still take a while before I convert that over to Ubuntu. Even though WinXP is 10 years old, it still serves this purpose quite well, and I have no intention to break something that works at the moment.

Anyway, now I am contemplating simply wiping the WinXP installation and reinstalling. I'd have to check whether I have stuff on there that I need (which I can do through Ubuntu anyway) and copy that over. It's not like there are setting or software that I need on a daily basis on there anyway...
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