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Shopping for paper

Saturday we went to Den Haag for a single shop: Damen, at the Noordeinde (in the same street as the queen's working palace!). It's the place to go for paper and cartonnage, and it has a lot of stuff. We found them out because they are listed as a dealer of The Japanese Paper Place which has a large collection of really breathtaking hand-silkscreened papers.

They have a lot of paper. Some of it is so-so. Most of it is really, really nice. Basic papers are also quite reasonably priced: ten end-papers with various designs cost only EUR 15 -- much cheaper than our usual source in Den Bosch. We found a good bone folder for about half of what we paid for one in Den Bosch as well! And they had ready-made 'book blocks' available as well...
But they also have lots of paper that costs a bit more... The aforementioned chiyogami (breathtaking catalogue here), of which there was a very large selection available in the store, costs EUR 15 per sheet. OK, that's a large sheet, but still. And the gorgeous hand-made marbled papers...

So, in the end, we walked out with paper and linen and tools costing slightly over EUR 150. We have some of the papers earmarked for a specific project, but the rest will go to round out our already sizable collection of papers.
The best find was linen with a print to make it look like marbled paper. Really fun stuff, for example for a small box.

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