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Box failure

I have been trying to make a box (like the Japanese book box we made earlier) to store my prints in. Right now I have a cardboard folder that I store 'em in, but that one is getting fuller and fuller. And it's not like I need the prints I made last fall on a day-to-day basis anymore.
So I determined the dimensions, plugged those numbers into my spreadsheet and I got all the dimensions of the board, linen and paper. It turned out that I would need about 1 meter of bookbinders linen -- which is nowhere to be found. In the store (this last Saturday) we decided to do the inner flap in a different color. And so I bought the linen and the papers that I wanted.

The big problem was the glue. We only have PVA, which dries really fast. And the box is rather big -- so when I was finished with pasting glue on one side, the other had already dried out. And I got a lot of glue stains on one of the sides... So, this one is a total failure. But I learned a lot and thought of a few new things to try out. I will try again, once we get the right glue made.
Meanwhile, I am designing a much smaller box (A5-sized) to hold the etching plates. I am thinking of making two A6-sized inlay trays and one A5-sized, which would then be placed inside the box...
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