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Pamphlet letter

I am a member of the brievenbus community. The members send physical mail to each other. I had received a large letter, and I wanted to write something back. But my skills in cutting and pasting to make a colorful mail package are limited, so I thought of something else: to make the letter in the form of a pamphlet.

I took three A4 pages, folded them into a section and wrote my letter on the twelve A5 pages that were so created. Then I used a large piece of blue carton as the cover.

Close-up of the middle hole of the pamphlet binding that I used.

We glued some decorative paper on the cover. At the left side you can see the knot I used to close the binding.

To close the cover, we glued a piece of red paper on both sides, and set a wax seal on the left side.

Close-up of the wax seal and the closing knot.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. And the recipient was impressed as well. I really like the pamphlet binding, and I think I'll be using it more often in the future.
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