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A letter from my old school (the Lorentz Lyceum, which has since fused with the Rommert Casimir Havo to create the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum) had arrived at my parents. Apparently there is a reunion in May.
I'm not sure if I'll go -- what do I have to say to these people? It's been 13 years since I quit highschool, and I haven't kept any contact with my old friends of that period in my life. And I don't really fancy trying to 'out-bid' all my former classmates with how tremendously succesfull I've become. *cough*

I've met up with two friends during my first year at the university -- I went by Derk Jan's parents one weekend, and we just chatted. Though frankly, I got bored quite quickly of Derk Jan's talk about how cool the student union was. And there was the rather disastrous evening out on the town in Eindhoven with Bart. I haven't spoken to both of them since.
The only one I met up with semi-regularly was Ghita -- I really should mail her, we haven't spoken her since the wedding, which is half a year ago!

I was in the same class as these kids... *shudder*

This is a class picture of the Atheneum-class that had most kids of my first class in it -- I went to the gymnasium. Nr. 14 is Ghita (she'll kill me for this!) and, interestingly enough, nr. 5 is Xander de Buisonjé -- he dissapeared to the Havo after the second class.
Nr. 25 is Geert, my best friend from elementary school. He later moved to Enschede -- I visited him once, but then we completely lost touch. Nr 9 is Bart G., who introduced me to roleplaying games, probably less than a year after this picture was taken.
When I switched to atheneum after my fourth year, I met up with most of these people again (depending on their 'profile', of course).

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