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More etching

Last Wednesday, I started with a new etching plate. I made a line etching of a cat's grin -- I still need to design the rest of the picture (in aquatint), so I left it at that. The rest of the time I spent making two more prints of the five-storied pagoda plate. I liked the print in turqoise, but I wanted a print with more structure in the color.

One of two duo-prints I made. First with 'springtime green', then with 'Prussian blue' on top of that. This one came out the best, I think. There's a lot of structure going on in the background, and the edges of the pagoda are well defined.

The 'Prussian blue' ink made true to its name: it went everywhere, subjugated the other colors and was hard to get rid of. ;)
Tags: craft, graphics course

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