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During the writing course, my piece about Anneke's further adventures was discussed. A lot of questions were raised about the nature of the Continuum: What is Fragmentation? Why don't the 23rd century people fix everything? How is the Continuum organised, and why? How does that fixing the timeline work? OK, so lots of questions that I need to adress -- preferrably not with more exposition, but with some action.
Because I also got some criticism on the general story-line. Basically, there is no sense of urgency. Anneke seems to have all the time in the world for Theo. The initial excitement of the Gemini-event is over, and the whole tension sort of... dissipates. I need to give Anneke some pressing business to make a new "tension-arc" of her conversation with Theo. That's rather hard to do with time travellers, but something I need to think about.

There's a literary magazine, Op Ruwe Planken, that basically publishes anything they receive that is of sufficient quality. The course also has a publication, each student can select one of their writings to be published. This year, those two are 'fused', and the theme is 'Over de Waal'. (Nijmegen is situated on the south bank of the river Waal. Recently, there has been a 'Waalsprong', and the village of Lent (which lies on the north bank) has been annexed by Nijmegen.)
I'm thinking of writing a time combat (to explain about the Continuum and the 'time-militia'), and I'm thinking of making the 'Snelbinder' (a bridge for bicycles) the focus of the As/As Not. For that, I will have to situate the story in 2005 -- because the Snelbinder hasn't been completed yet...

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