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TEI of an anime

In 2007, the anime Lucky Star was aired on Japanese TV. Total otaku-bait, but with a huge following. Two of the main characters, twin sisters, work as miko at a shrine. The shrine is identified as Washinomiya, and the town scenery was featured in the anime. This made the town some sort of pilgrimage destination for anime lovers. For instance, during the hatsumode of '07, there were 90.000 visitors in the first three days of the year. But this year, there were 450.000!

I recall reading an interview with some inhabitants of the town who were less than thrilled to have all these weirdos visiting their town and shrine because of something stupid like an anime. But some entrepeneurs started selling special Lucky Star goods: 2.100 'limited' edition phone straps that were sold out in half an hour, stuff like that...
According to one report, the total economic impact of the anime on the town is more than 1 billion yen (more than 7.8 million euros). Otaku are quite the economic force...!
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