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Today, it was time to learn a new skill. We had signed up for a workshop for making a 'Japanese box'.

It started at 10:00 in Amersfoort, so we even had to get up at the usual time in order to make it! We had a bit of difficulty finding the right location -- turns out it's an artists collective that are quartered in an empty office building to deter squatting. In the weekends the heating was low, so it was good we packed our fleece vests!
There were six of us -- and I was the only male. People remarked that it was unusual to see a man participating in a workshop like this. One of the others said that it would be beneficial to have some 'male energy' present. I'm not sure what that meant, but I think she had a good workshop so I'm happy I could contribute to that. ;)

We got handed packages of pre-cut carton and bookbinders linen (linen cloth with a paper backing) in the color we had selected. We chose a decorative paper to go with it, and set to work. We didn't make it in time -- there was so much to do! Sure, we did spend some time waiting for tools and instructions, but the workshop was supposed to end at 16:00, and we packed up at 17:15, with an unfinished project. Still, the only thing that's left is to glue four decorative papers in the inside of the box, and we have all the tools for that at home.
There will be pictures when it's finished, of course.

I learned a lot that I can use in other projects as well. We should do a workshop like this more often, because learning a new skill is (almost) always worthwhile.
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