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Wednesday, we had another session of the Continuum campaign. In short, it didn't turn out the way I had hoped it would...
Diederick (rupertdaily's character) went Upwards to get his laptop in 2000 and back Down again -- but I lacked the confidence to have him really interact with the other characters in their Yet. For one, I didn't want to burden them with things they had to do without knowing they would do them, and second, I didn't know what to do with that situation.
Barry and Simon (klik's character) started to do some remodelling (there's a blue/yellow tiled bathroom in the Corner's future!), while Robin (gijsje's character) practiced darting.

All in all, not much happened. This had two reasons: one is my aforementioned insecurity, the other is that the character (and perhaps the players?) do not have 'projects' that will take 'em through time in a meaningful way.
I mentioned this, and the response was a bit unexpected: the players asked me to give more guidance and to set the stage for another scenario. They all enjoyed the 'Identity is All' scenario, and they wanted more of that. Railroading is acceptable to accomplish this -- the suggestion was given to have Klaas let the characters run errands or have them jump through hoops to train their non-level thinking.

I will work with this, but I need to think about a 'format'. I don't want to do a 'Narcissist of the week'-series, but I am too entrenched in thinking level, that I need to carefully design the scenarios. It seems that a single, relatively simple challenge would work best -- at least it occupied the players for quite a few sessions, and they all (said they) enjoyed it.
There are some vague ideas forming, but I need to think about this more.

Hey, this is a rare occurrence: a post about Continuum that's public!

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