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Finished series: Nyan Koi!

We've finished watching Nyan Koi! My first episode review is here.

Junpei accidentally causes the head of the "Cat Jizo" statue at the local Buddhist temple to fall off the body. Because of this act, he gets cursed by the guardian deity of the cats. Junpei now can understand what cats say, and he has to help 100 cats. If he doesn't... he will turn into a cat himself! And to make matters even more complicated, Junpei is actually allergic to cats!
Of course, Junpei is surrounded by a cast of female characters who hinder him! There's Kaede, the kind and cheerful girl that Junpei has a huge crush on. There's Kanako, a childhood friend of Junpei and a total ganguro gyaru -- she has a crush on Junpei, but her tsundere nature makes it hard for her to make any progress. There's Nagi, who turns out to be the ojou of a yakuza clan -- she develops a crush on Junpei as well, but she tries to encourage him getting closer to Kaede as well. There's the twins Kotone and Akari. Akari has a huge crush on Junpei because of his unlucky nature, and Kotone can't stand him. There's Chizuru, a college student who works part-time as a postwoman, but her lack of sense of direction often gives her problems. She likes to tease Junpei because of his various unlucky romantic dealings.

So, it's a bit of a harem anime with an additional way to make the male protagonist even more miserable. It has all the ingredients for a total lacklustre series, but the writers somehow pull it off to make it funny and interesting. I guess perhaps Junpei is actually a sympathetic character that you want to shake of the curse and get the girl of his dreams. But the situations he gets into are pretty bizarre and embarassing -- some are standard, but the writers make use of the curse and his cat allergy to add new twists to the tired old jokes, making them seem fresh again.
The series certainly isn't action-packed, but that isn't needed for a series of this caliber. In fact, it's all pretty much toned down: there's very few "laugh or I shoot!"-moments. This humility works really, really well.

Good points:
- Genuinely funny;
- Takes tired jokes in new directions.
Bad points:
- Pretty shallow character development, but I guess that's to be expected from a series like this.

I liked the series better than I would expect from the premise, and I find it hard to pinpoint why. Still, it's no high-flyer: it won't have you on the edge of your seat. But it's a competently executed romcom -- it deserves a 7,5.
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