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Quilt progress

Work on the quilt is progressing slowly... It's quite a bit of work, and we're not that skilled or dedicated to have it go fast and smooth.

As I wrote about earlier, we have three different snowflake designs that we use for the quilting pattern. I printed 'em out on 20x20 cm size and cut the designs out from the paper. We stuck those on the quilt and then used blackboard chalk to transfer the pattern to the fabric. Sometimes we'd also use pink fabric pencil to make the outline even better visible: with the interplay of lighter and darker fabrics, some with quite busy patterns, sometimes make it hard to see what goes where. We've bought two different washable fabric markers last Saturday -- they seem to be a bit clearer, so that should help.
The whole thing is a bit unwieldy as well. The quilt is about 2m20 long and about 70cm wide -- so you're sitting with a lot of bunched-up fabric that is in the way of easy working with it... And I can to fine manipulation only with my right hand (I guess my brain's wired that way), so it's a constant passing the needle from one hand to the other.

Still, it's fun to see the quilt taking shape. I think we'll be proud of the end result. At least, I hope so. ;)
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