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Finished series: Hyakko

The review queue has crept to 20 titles. Time to get crackin'!

So we've finished watching Hyakko. My first episode review is here.

Ayumi has been able to enter a rather posh highschool! She is a bit shy and thus has real trouble making friends. But she is full of resolve to make a fresh start at her new school and make lots of friends! Except that she is really shy and even gets lost on her first day of school! While wandering around, she meets three other girls who happen to be in the same class and who are also lost.
There's the haughty daughter of a rich industrialist, Tatsuki. She is pretty concerned about appearances and 'proper' behaviour. She is often bothered by the happy-go-lucky behaviour of Torako, who is a bit of a loose cannon. The quartet is rounded out by Suzume, Torako's bosom friend who is immensely strong and not concerned about appearances and modesty at all.

There's not much about this series: it's a series of whimsical stories -- most initiated by the mischief of Torako. All the stories (most of which span half an episode) have something about a tiger ('Toraya') in them. There's Torako who punches their homeroom teacher in the face, or the time she decides to change the hair styles of the people around her, or when Torako is made a member of the Public Morals committee and has to check the outfits of the students against the dress code.
There is some plot, in the sense that Torako's home situation (which is initially unknown to everyone except Suzume) fuels Torako's erratical behaviour. Her older sister and brother pop up as well, which are the only times that Torako is pushed into the defensive. It explains a bit how Torako became how she is. But it's all quite lighthearted, and doesn't dig too deep.

The whole thing is pretty nice but won't last for the ages. The series is attractive but nothing too special. Just a nice, short series to watch if you're not in the mood for too much thinking. The voice acting is nice too, with a special mention of Suzume's quiet voice.

Good points:
- Looks pretty okay;
- Funny;
- Lighthearted.
Bad points:
- The plot doesn't dig too deep.

All in all, good in what it aims to be. I'll give it a 7 for that: slightly above average, but nothing much special.
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