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Stamping workshop

Yesterday was the last lesson of the graphics course. As I wrote about earlier, I was asked to do a workshop about cutting stamps. So I threw everything stamp-related in a large bag and went to the course, quite ill-prepared.

It was a great success. Most of the participants of the course joined in. I started out by handing out small pieces of scrap rubber that I still had lying around and explaining how to cut lines and arcs. Everyone was amazed by the material I had -- the graphics course does use linoleum, but that's so much stiffer than the stamping rubber, so it's impossible to make fine lines on it.
In only a few minutes, people were trying out their stamps:

Someone even did a small print run with their first stamp:

It was a small christmas tree, and when I explained the technique of using felt tipped pens to color in a stamp, and he used that too:

(It turned out that those were envelopes for his christmas cards that we got from him at the end of the lesson. ^_^ )
The teacher had gotten a stack of drawing paper to print on, and soon everyone was printing their try-out stamp on paper:

After that, I distributed pieces of 5x6 cm for them to turn into a 'real' stamp. While they were working on that, there was a festive intermezzo. One of the people from the course, who had been following courses at the local cultural centre for 25 years(!) is moving to Amsterdam in January. So yesterday was the last day he would follow a lesson there. We had all chipped in to give him a print from a beautiful etching made by the teacher.

We all had to sign the backside of the frame.

After that, I showed some more printing techniques: especially the gold embossing powder was a huge hit. Even though most of my fellow students have been making prints from linoleum and etchings for years, they had never seen an ink pad up close or considered using those techniques in their work. I think it was an enriching experience for quite a few of them. The teacher made me write down the carving medium and where I ordered it -- we'll see if that ever amounts to anything.

In the end, the common piece of paper looked like this:

Good fun!
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