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Graphics course

Last Wednesday, I had another session of the graphics course. It was a busy evening!

I continued with my plate for the sugar-lift technique. I started off with applying really soft wax to the plate with the sugar-water painting. When that had dried (which was pretty fast) I held it under hot running water. The sugar melted, taking the wax with it -- exposing the plate where the sugar had been. This went into the acid for about an hour(!).

Meanwhile, I made a print of the soft-wax pressed plate that I made the week before.

As you can see, it came out quite nicely. The tiger lily stamp has a weird effect going on: the lines are etched pretty deeply, but the parts that are supposed to be clear is shifted ever so slightly. I think it's a very attractive effect. The hydrangea leaves didn't leave much of an impression -- if you look really closely, you see the capillaries. The two parts are quite apart in this print.

So I decided to do some aquatint. The stamp-part would be left as it is, but the area around the hydrangea leaves would get darker. After slightly longer than 15 minutes in the acid, this came out:

Much better.

Also, last week I made another print of the Daruma doll plate, in a sand-tone:

And for all of you who were curious as to what it would look like with the face-stamp applied:

I didn't have time to process the sugar-lift plate any further, but it got processed quite nicely. Next Wednesday is the last lesson of the year, and I was asked to do a workshop for cutting stamps. I'm honored, but it will also mean that I won't get to progress with my plates any further.
Contrary to my previous musings, I have decided to continue on next year as well. I have things I want to make -- I guess that's a good sign. And seeing others work on their own projects is pretty inspiring as well.
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