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Graphics course

Yesterday evening, at the graphics course, I had a very productive evening -- but not much to show for it.

I started off with de-greasing the plate for the sugar-lift etching. This time I succeeded, and I painted a five story pagoda. The plate is now drying off in the closet -- I expect to be able to etch it next week.
After that, I got another zinc plate and did the usual cleaning routine, to use a soft wax technique. I had mis-interpreted how it's supposed to work, and it turned out that I needed stuff that could be run through the press. I didn't have such things with me -- except that I had taken a few stamps with me to show to the group. So we experimented a bit with the press and managed to get a pretty good impression of the stamp into the wax! The other half of the plate was pressed with a few hydrangea leaves.
While that was etching, I made another print of my Daruma plate -- because there was not much else to do for me at the time. Making one print takes me slightly less time than half an hour...

So next week, I expect to be able to etch the sugar-lift plate and to make a few prints of the soft wax plate!

Also, for the last evening of this year, everyone wanted to join in on a workshop cutting stamps... Now I have to think of what to teach 'em...
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