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Fabric came in!

Earlier this week, we got a rather large envelope from the Fat Quarter Shop. It held the two Bali Pops that we ordered.
Each bali pop has 40 strips of fabric, but for a single quilt we need only 10. So now we have enough fabric to make four quilts. We had to get two of the same assortment, because the strips of a single bali pop weren't long enough to make the quilt long enough. So this morning we sorted the fabric in four groups of ten strips. Perhaps we'll make a quilt for every season, but we haven't really decided on that yet.

This is the first batch. We both liked this the most, so this will be used for the first quilt we'll be making:
Quilt 1

Here are the others, in no particular order:
Quilt 2
Quilt 3
Quilt 4
Tags: craft, quilting

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