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More prints

Yesterday was another evening of the graphics course. I made some more prints.

A print in purple. I made this one two weeks ago, thinking I would use it as the basis for a duo print. However, the teacher convinced me to leave this one as it is ("it's beautiful, doesn't need anything else!"), so I wound up not doing anything more with it.

A duo print is what you get when you print the same plate twice, in different colors. First you do the light color -- I chose lemon yellow for that -- and then the dark color -- prussian blue in my case. The differences in ink density and color mean that you get suble differences in color, but where the two inks mix, you get a composite result. That can be quite attractive, so I wanted to try it out.

My first try. I was too careless with the second print, so it got shifted for a millimeter. And the colors make it a bit headache-inducing...

The second try, with a bit of help from the teacher. I'm pretty pleased with it, how the dark blue at the bottom gradually shifts to a light yellow/green towards the top.

After that I got another zinc plate (for free!) to make a sugar lift etching. However, I failed in sufficiently de-greasing the plate. I'll have to re-do that next week.

Also, one guy who was working with linoleum asked me about my stamps. I store my plates in my 'portfolio' booklet, so I showed him some things. With the rubber I use, you can make much finer lines than with linoleum. As this was towards the end of the lesson, more people looked at the stamps and most were pretty impressed.
The teacher explained that for the last lesson, they try to do different things. She suggested I could give a workshop on carving stamps. That's a pretty cool idea, but I have to think about what I want to tell them...
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