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More fabric madness

So I sent a mail to Hoffman Fabrics suggesting to them that they should make a cross-reference chart/page to show which fabrics are in which collection. I actually got a reply, which contained only a single line. It directed me to a webshop that had more information on their products than they have themselves on their website. Both that fact and the reply itself does not make me feel Hoffman Fabrics has it's shit together. At all.

Anyway, with some browsing I found this page that shows a bit more of the fabrics we've ordered. I think the E-numbers are the designs, and the words are names for the colors that are used -- but none that I've tried (I gave up after two) can be found on Hoffman's own site.

The sites and the information on them are all of a breathtakingly low quality. Dissapointing.

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