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luna_puella asked me these questions:

1) What kind of music do you like, apart from anime soundtracks?
I don't really listen to a lot of anime soundtracks these days, actually. And klik's computer is connected to the speakerset, so she is in charge of the music... Most of our music collection has grown over mutual agreement, but there is one large segment that I like and she doesn't like as much: Cocteau Twins.
For the rest we're listening to a lot of melodious stuff like Kings of Convenience, Turin Breaks and Pat Metheny.

2) I see you have yet another hobby! Why bookbinding?
Because I want to make things. I like to work with paper, and making books is a pretty cool skill to have. I know someone who gives/gave workshops on the subject, so it was an easy step.

3) And quilting is coming up: why that one? Does it bother you that it's typically considered a hobby for women?
gertvr and xaviar_nl got a new dinner table, and gertvr made a quilt to decorate it. I liked the look of it a lot. So when we decided to get a new dinner table ourselves, I pitched the idea to klik to make our own. Making something to decorate your home yourself, how cool is that?
No, I am not at all bothered by having so-called 'feminine' hobbies. It's not stopping me from doing what I want to do.

In general, I really like making things. I like holding something in my hands that would not have been if I had not made it. That goes for the (future) quilt, but also for books, stamps, papercuttings, etcetera.

4) What's your favourite part about being married to klik?

5) What place in the world would you still like to visit?
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