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Etching prints

My graphics course is running it's course. I started out with a line etching -- the concept was a Daruma doll. I made one print of that, which I sent to gertvr.
Next up was learning how to use aquatint, which allows one to create greyscale in an etch. I thought it would be nice to put the doll in a 'dry garden', and show the lines in the sand with greytones. Last Wednesday I did a bit of a production run with the result.

The first print, in black. I was pretty pleased with how the greyscales came out!

The second print, inked à la Coupé. I chose a light red for the doll and a brownish yellow for the sand. There is some color bleed, but that is to be expected. Could definately have been worse.

Then I did another print in black. But because someone had been fiddling with the press, the left side of the press wasn't as firm as the right side. So I adjusted the tension on the left side and ran the plate through the press again, positioned at the same spot on the paper.
The result is that the left side is visible, but because the right side has been pressed twice, it's much darker. I really like the 'shaded' effect this gives. Totally unintentional, like an unexpected gift.

I also cut a stamp for the face (with empty eye sockets, of course). Maybe I'll put that one in later, maybe not.
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