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Another interview meme

nathreee asked me these five questions:

1) You watch a lot of anime, but what's your favourite kind of story? What elements should it have?
I have to care about what happens with the characters. The story may a sweeping epic (like Seirei no Moribito) or episodic (like Mushishi), but I cared about what happened with the characters. I have to feel that connection, and with the series that I like the best, that connection is the deepest. And I have a very high tolerance for stories that move at a glacial pace.
I do tend to like SF and Fantasy stories slightly better, because the writers are free to 'invent' things to complement their story.

2) What kind of game could you spend hours playing?
I did spend hours playing Okami and Gemcraft. But I have also many, many hours in various tabletop RPGs, and I'm still not bored with those.

3) What do you do and think when you see kids in public doing stuff you really don't approve of?
I tend to leave the scene. Most parents do not react very well when a stranger talks to their children about their behaviour. And since I don't have children of my own, I have an extra hurdle to take: "What do you know about it!?"

4) Sinterklaas is coming up. What does this holiday mean to you?
It means a lot to me. To my family, Sinterklaas is a big deal: we get a lot of presents for everyone, and the associated poems are very important as well. In a poem like that, you can write things you wouldn't otherwise say -- sometimes it's a bit serious, sometimes it's hilarious. Every christmas, we celebrate Sinterklaas with the whole family -- at christmas, because paultje and her family can't come over for the Sinterklaas celebration itself.
When my maternal grandparents were still alive, they always celebrated it with us. Especially grandma could cry tears of laughter from a particularly funny poem. When she was cremated, my father wrote a last, long Sinterklaas poem for her -- that is how important Sinterklaas is to us.

5) What animal would you compare yourself to and why?
Hm, tough one. Honestly, I think I could compare myself to pretty much any animal and get away with it.
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