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Japanese stamps

A year ago, we were in Japan. That is where my obsessioninterest in stamps really got off the ground. Lots of places and attractions have their own stamp, and whenever I encountered them, I made sure to make an impression in my little book.

The stamps of Shinbashi Station. The top one is the station/train itself, the bottom one is of the Detached Palace Gardens that are nearby. We got these when we visited the park -- you can see a photo of the tea house and the bridge-with-a-bend on this photo that klik took.

The stamp of Harajuku Station. In the foreground is the station itself, in the background one of the three giant torii of the Meiji Shrine (photo here).

The stamp of Kyoto Station. It's the station itself, with the Kyoto Tower in the foreground. I'm not sure which temple the five-story pagoda belongs to that is shown in the background... (photo of the tower here).

The stamp of the Heian Shrine. I'm guessing this is Emperor Heian himself. Best known for the gardens (photo here) that also figured (briefly) in the movie 'Lost in Translation'.

Two stamps that we got in Kyoto from the 'Rekishi Kaido' (the highway from Kyoto to Tokyo). The top one shows some attractions in Kyoto: the Golden Pavillion, the famous dry garden and probably the Temple of Clear Water (but I'm not sure). The male figure flanking the images is probably a pensioned emperor.
The bottom stamp shows Osaka Castle, flanked by Toyotomi.

The stamps from the Osaka Castle Museum. They had special papers which you could put under a 'stamping machine'. Press a button and your paper was stamped! Not surprisingly, the stamps show the castle (left) and the layout of the castle fortifications (right).

I really liked the idea of stamps associated with an attraction or station. It's proof that you were there, and often shows important things in the neighbourhood.
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