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Yoiko: Fuuka is only an elementary schoolkid, but she has a very mature body -- you could easily mistake her for an adult. But her mentality is still that of a child. And of course, that creates many opportunities for ecchi 'comedy', such as when she insist on sleeping in the same room as the eighteen year old son of the family where she is staying.
Quite unfunny, trawling new depths of lolicon -- and it's a retro-sub as well, which means it's not as polished either.

Sasameki Koto: Ushio is a cheerful girl who easily falls in love with cute girls. But she often gets rejected, and then her friend Sumika to pick her up and comfort her again. Secretly, Sumika likes Ushio -- but she is a bookish girl with a black belt in karate (her parents run a dojo). Not 'cute' in the way Ushio likes... And so Sumika has to hide her feelings, afraid that she would destroy their friendship.
Sasameki Koto seems to be this season's yuri slowmance (just like Aoi Hana was for the previous season). The designs are merely 'OK', but the emotions of the characters really carry the episode we saw.

Trapeze: Quite hard to describe, but I'm going to try anyway. A trapeze artist has trouble sleeping and it is affecting his work. So his boss sends him to a psychiatrist to get some sleeping pills. He gets an enormous injection from the nurse, and over the course of a week, his shrink helps him to deal with his own insecurities.
The style is... weird. Some shots of the characters are clearly drawn-over live action film segments. Everything is very brightly coloured (with polka dots!). Everyone acts a bit... weird. Especially the psychiatrist and his nurse. And every so often, a TV shrink pops up to explain certain things.
A series with a very interesting look, delving in the realm of mental illness and mental phenomenon, which is certainly new ground for an anime.

Kiddy Girl-and: Sequel to Kiddy Grade, set fifty years in the future from the original series. The remaining ES members that we know from the original series are still around (naturally), but there are new duos formed as well. One of those duos is Q-feuille and Ascoeur -- with Ascoeur being a total ditz. The two of them work as maids in the cafeteria, and when some people from a tour group find the directory of the Galactic Trade Organisation in the cafetaria, a battle ensues where the two of them have to spring into action.
What made the original series interesting is the political underpinning of the story, and the feeling that there was more going on than you'd think on the surface. But this time around, it seems to be totally dumbed down and all about the fanservice -- at least the first episode. I don't know what it is with girls in skirts losing their panties, but it's getting kind of tired. And Ascoeur is so totally stupid that it is hard to feel any sort of sympathy for her.

Fairy Tail: Lucy is a spirit magician. The time has come for her to join a guild, in order to earn her keep and learn more magic. She has her sights set on the most exclusive guild there is: Fairy Tail. The only way to get in, is to be introduced by an existing member, so she travels around from town to town to seek them out. One day, she finds a guy who calls himself 'Salamander' and claims to be part of Fairy Tail. He uses a charm spell to lure girls! Lucy helps out another guy, Natsu, who gets into trouble in the ensuing scuffle -- and of course he turns out to be from Fairy Tail!
From the same guy who created Groove Adventure Rave -- and it shows. Lucy and Natsu will travel around and punish evil-doers with their powerful magic. A tad too juvenile for our tastes.

Yumeiro Pattisière: Ichigo, a middle school student, is not particularly good at anything -- unlike her sister. But there is one thing in which she excels: she can taste all the subtle nuances in pastries. Her grandmother was a pattisière who trained in Paris. One day, Ichigo participates in a tasting event and meets the son of the owner of the French academy where her grandmother went to. He is impressed with her tastebuds and persuades her to enroll in the Japanese dependance of the school.
By now, this will be pretty familiar to anyone, since it seems to follow the same formula as so many other tournament anime. If you have a seriously sweet tooth and can stomach Ichigo being a ditz, you might like this one.
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