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More first episodes

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee: Niche is a postman, traveling through a deserted wasteland from city to city. It doesn't matter what it is -- if has enough postage, he will deliver it. His next 'letter' turns out to be Lag, a young boy whose mother was taken from him, who is to be sent to a far-off neighbour who will take care of him. But travelling through the desert attracts the giant bugs, who can only be defeated with the special weaponry of the 'Letter Bee'.
It's a bit of an odd series, but it looks gorgeous, and there is a promise of a rich plot underneath this introductory layer.

Kimi ni Todoke: Sawako is nicknamed 'Sadako' (remember 'The Ring'?), because she has this creepy aura around her according to her classmates. But Sawako wants to make friends with the people around her... The only one who acts normal towards her is her classmate Kazehaya, whom Sawako finds 'refreshing'. He helps Sawako to gradually open up to her classmates, and at the start of the summer he tells her he wants to spend his summer with her.
It's a rare series that manages to make klik cry at the first episode. It's really romantic and promises us to show how Sawako slowly spreads her wings. Looks nice as well -- lots of watercolors were used.

Sora no Otoshimono: Sakurai wants an uncomplicated and easy life. But ever since he was little, he has had dreams of a girl with wings who was kept 'captive' by the sky -- when he has that dream again, he wakes up crying. One day, his friend takes him to the 'New World Research Club' at school, headed by a weirdo senpai who tells him about a 'hole in the sky' that will travel over their village that evening. Due to various circumstances, Sakurai is the only one present when it passes overhead. A girl with wings falls down, and Sakurai rescues her. This is Ikaros, a scantily-clad 'Angelroid', who has bonded with Sakurai and who is capable of doing anything for her master...
I'm not sure where this series is going. But there is one thing I do know for sure: it's stupid and banal.

11eyes: Kakeru's sister killed herself, and he has been living in an orphanage ever since. His only friend from there is Yuka, who seems to lift his gloominess a bit. One day, when they're on their way to the city centre, they find themselves in a mysterious world that looks just like our own, except that the two of them are the only two people around. Weird creatures with tentacles and multiple faces appear and surround them...
Mysterious alternate-reality, with quite a bit of fanservice to go with it (and who the hell designed those school uniforms anyway!?). Apparently there will be a group of six kids to fight against this alternate reality -- Kakeru has one odd-colored eye, so that would make eleven eyes. We found it boring, so we'll stop at the first episode.

Armed Librarians - The Book of Bantorra: When people die, they turn into a stone tablet (a 'book', according to the series) that is stored in the Bantorra Library. People can come to the library to read about the past. The place is guarded by the 'Armed Librarians' -- people with psychic powers. One of their enemies is the 'Church of Drowning in God's Mercy', which seems to have a few bits of ideology in common with hedonism. They transport 'Meats': humans whose spirit has been wiped out, and who can only sit around idly.
I find it hard to summarise the plot of the series from the first episode: there's a lot happening, and while there are some bits of exposition, it's all done fast and quick -- leaving you wondering what you saw just then and how it relates to the rest. It's certainly an interesting premise (at least, what I understand of it), and it looks quite OK as well.
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