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More first episodes

Kämpfer: Natsuru wakes up with a bracelet around his wrist. When it activates, he turns into a 'kämpfer' -- fighting girls that fight for the 'moderators'. There's often some sort of transformation going on -- which in Natsuru's case means he turns into a girl. Another girl is very shy normally, but turns into a foul-mouthed gunslinger when she turns into a Kämpfer. And meanwhile Natsuru has to hide his condition from the school idol that he has a crush on.
Gender-bending harem anime with some semi-random violence thrown in for good measure. Lousy jokes included!

Kobato: Kobato descends from the sky, together with her plush dog Ioryogi. Her mission is to fill a bottle with broken hearts (but it seems she has to mend the hearts first?) -- but first she has to pass a test whether she can pass as a human. She has zero 'common' sense, which gets her in trouble a few times, but in the end Ioryogi deems she is worthy and her bottle materialises!
Based on a manga by CLAMP -- so there's quite a few familiar character designs featured. There's the usual themes of kindness, but since I'm a sucker for such series we're going to watch it anyway. And Maaya Sakamoto sings the opening theme.

Nyan Koi!: Junpei accidentally damages a statue of a cat Jizo. Now he is cursed: he has to perform 100 good works for cats or he will turn into a cat himself! There's a complication to this, since Junpei is allergic to cats, while the rest of his family adores cats. Meanwhile, he has a crush on Kaede, who loves cats too but doesn't know how to handle them...
Pretty amusing, if somewhat far-fetched. The character designs are super-cute, and the way the cats push Junpei around is funny -- just like a cat would act to get their way.

The Sacred Blacksmith: Cecily Campbell is a knight of one of the free trade cities, but she almost gets killed in the first fight she ever gets involved in. She is saved by Luke, a blacksmith. During the scuffle, Cecily's sword (a Campbell heirloom) breaks, and she wants Luke to forge her a new one. Luke refuses, but when they get into another fight, Luke has to use his abilities to save them all -- once again.
Interesting fantasy series -- rich world, quite a bit of magic, and the bad guys are already moving. All with a bit of fanservice too.

Kinnikuman: Retro-sub. Gag series about a muscular alien who turns out to be a prince. Meanwhile, he serves as a superhero on Earth. Lots of shouting, juvenile jokes and professional wrestling.

Eve no Jikan: In a world where androids serve humans, Rikuo finds a weird entry in the logfile of his family's android. Together with a friend he investigates -- the location turns out to be 'Eve no Jikan', a café where androids and humans are indistinguishable. The androids there start to act on their own intiative, even though they are governed by the Three Laws of Robotics.
As a cognitive science graduate and lover of Isaac Asimov's writings, I find this concept highly interesting. And it's really pretty too!

Nyoron Churuya-san: It's all about the smoked cheese! At least, it's not about nice visuals, making sense or understandable jokes.

Kemono no Souja Erin : Erin lives with her mother in a village where they raise the fearsome lizards that make the army of the Grand Duke nearly invincible. By helping her mother, she learns more and more about the lizards and how to care for them. And even though the baby lizards are cute and (nearly) helpless, the adults are quite something else...
Fantasy with an interesting angle. The visuals are quite distinct, as if everything was drawn with felt-tip pens. I'm sure Erin will one day leave the village and explore the world beyond as well.
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