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New anime, old and new

The new season is upon us, but there are also a few first episode reviews of older series:

Element Hunters: Some of the (chemical) elements have dissapeared! Instead, monster have appeared that have collected a certain element. It is up to a trio of schoolkids to defeat the monsters and release the element again!
Shouty shounen tripe. The CGI is pretty, but if you're over 10 years old, you'll be tired of this series before you've reached the halfway eyecatch of the first episode...

Viper's Creed: In the future, cities will be half-submersed with empty highways circling them. Battle robots will travel over the highways towards the cities. A private company will be contracted to protect those cities against the robots. The company will then subcontract to individual 'blade riders': motor-cycle mecha. These riders will get a bonus per kill, but will be quite risk-averse towards damaging their machine. Operators will help their riders from the main office, with their income tied to that of the rider.
The future is bleak and filled with CGI mecha, with Manly Men Who Speak Tersely And Do The Just Thing while the beancounters only care about the bottom line.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Side-story set in the 'To Aru Majutsu no Index'-universe. We get to see the adventures of Misaka, a.k.a. 'Railgun' and her teleporting friend from Judgement. Two other schoolgirls are added to the cast, and we get to see more of life in Academic City and how Judgement keeps the psychers in check.
When watching 'Index', I thought that the world was the most interesting feature of the series. And lo and behold: we're getting to see more of it! Quality-wise, it certainly isn't worse than 'Index' either.

Gokujou! Mecha Mote Iinchou: The class rep is a popular girl who makes her class run smoothly. She is liked by everyone... but the delinquent trio of pretty boys give her no end of trouble!
Reverse-harem anime, featuring uncanny valley CGI. And it didn't help that we immediately hated the main character either.

Seitokai no Ichizon: The student council of a private highschool consists of four pretty girls (voted in by popular vote) and one single guy (the top honor student). This wouldn't be so bad if the guy wasn't a total bishoujo game nut who is determined to go for the 'harem ending' in the student council...
Lots of randomness and teasing, some references to other series, and in the end we couldn't really get enthousiastic about it. It looks OK though, in a bishoujo kind of way.

Denpa teki na Kanojo: While he has this tough-guy image, Juu is actually afraid to be alone. One day, some weird girl tells him that she knows him from a previous life -- he was a king and she was his knight. Juu doesn't want any of this weirdness, but she keeps following him around. Then a classmate of his gets murdered by the serial killer that prowls the city and the two of them sort of team up to get to the bottom of it.
Man, is this series fucked up. And the character designs and character animation is pretty basic. The rest looks OK, though.
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