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Weekend review

Saturday, we met up with exar and Linda to shop for a gift for jangerben. We got a Chinese luck-thing you hang on your wall (it was a bit.. kitshy, but he seemed to like it) and Nautilus. It's a game with lots of fiddly bits, big on strategy, so that fits him well.
I bought De Weerwolven van Wakkerdam for myself. It got rave reviews from Steven Marsh, the editor of the online gaming magazine Pyramid and from Dirk. It needs eight players at the least, so there's little chance I'll get to play it with any sort of regularity, but it was only 11 euros and it's a game that's fit for larger groups with minimal explanation.

Then we went to our flat where I made murgh rogan josh for them, and later that evening we went to jangerben's party, which was fun. klik drove home, so I had a few beers and talked a bit to the people who were present. We were home at 2 in the morning, so we didn't make it too late -- gone are the days that I could drink and talk until 6 in the morning...

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