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While I love RPGs and adventure games, I think I'm actually too lazy to play them as intended. I love progressing through the world and to see the story unfold, but I hate 'grinding' to gain enough levels for the next fight. I stopped playing FFX because I went 'too fast' and was severely underpowered for a critical fight. Sure, I could have gone back and grinded -- but when a game that's supposed to be fun starts to feel like work, I'm all done with it.

klik, on the other hand, is a completist. She goes for the story, but also to get all the secrets, to get all the power-ups and to see everything. Once she finished Okami, she restarted to do the whole thing once again -- to get all the Stray Beads that are hidden all through the world. Sometimes all you have to do to get a Bead is to get to a certain spot, but later in the game there was a two-hour fight to get one. And I must have done the race to Inner Yoshpet fifty times before I managed to defeat Kai -- that was actually the last Bead.
With all the 100 Stray Beads collected, you get a necklace that offers infinite ink, makes you invulnerable and multiplies your attack power by 10.

So we're playing through it a third time, but this time I'm behind the wheel. I love it: I don't have to worry about power levels, extras, money, or whatever. If the prerequisites are fulfilled, I can progress to the next part of the story. No fuss, just enjoying the ride.
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