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Finished series: Kannagi

We've finished watching Kannagi. My first episode review is here.

Jin carves a statue of a woman from a block of wood that was harvested from one of the holy trees that was cut down when the neighbourhood shrine was relocated to make place for new houses. Much to his surprise, the statue comes to life -- it is Nagi, the kami that resided in the trees! She has nowhere to go, so she ends up staying over at Jin's.
There are a lot of 'impurities' that harm Nagi (as she is the incarnation of the land), and after seeing a magical girl anime episode, she gets a 'magical' wand and has Jin help her exorcise them. Sometimes she gets possessed by her 'other' self, Kannagi, but that never takes long before she collapses.

This could be the set-up for an interesting series about supernatural adventures, but that's not the case. Instead, the series focusses on the comedy they can squeeze out of a childish god living together with a teenage boy. There's poor Aoba, a childhood friend of Jin's, who gets all sorts of weird scenarios in her mind when she finds out that Jin's living together with Nagi -- she has a crush on Jin, but he is completely oblivious to that fact...
And there's Nagi who comes to school to gain 'followers' (getting adoration means more power available to her) and the conflict with Zange, Nagi's twin sister who possessed one of Jin's schoolmates.
There's not much else there, unfortunately. And while the series is subtitled 'Crazy Shrine Maidens', there's no shrine maiden in sight -- except for the few cameo's of the sisters from Lucky Star. And while the individual episodes are nice enough -- both in content and looks, the series as a whole is completely pointless. There's no resolution, no big plot, and at the end it just sort of fizzles out.

Visually, there's a lot to like in this series. The character designs are attractive and detailed, the animation is smooth and the backgrounds have been made with care. This gives the series a very rich and dynamic feel. Voice acting is pretty nice as well. The theme music is sung by Nagi's voice actress, making it a very nice all-in-one media package. I just wish the plot(s) had received as much attention as the visuals!

Good points:
- Attractive looks;
- Mostly funny.
Bad points:
- Goes nowhere with the plot.

Clearly, it's been targetting the moe-struck otaku -- there's not much point in the series besides. But it does deliver what it sets out to do. In the end, it's all visually dazzling with little substance. I'll give it a 7 for sheer entertainment value: watching the series is by no means a waste of your time, but in the end you'll forget you ever watched this because there's just so little substance to it.
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