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New anime

We've checked out two episodes of Kita He! Diamond Dust Drops, a series of the new season.
We get to meet Atsuko, a young woman who works in her mother's fish store in a city on Hokkaido. She is betrothed to the owner of a hotel in the city, a young man who seems to have quite a lot of influence on local affairs as well as a lot of financial clout. However, Atsuko doesn't seem really that interested in him -- she's rather have her freedom to do as she pleases. When the bank tells them to pony up the money for all their debts, her mother sort-of forces her to consent into this arranged marriage -- her fiancé will take care of the bills from then on.

It's interesting to see how this small storyline played out. I think the one thing that's wrong with Japan today, is how they treat their women. As a woman, there is little chance for any sort of carreer -- the Japanese are throwing away half of the available talent! More and more young women are starting to rebel (and I am cheering for them!), and thus this story touched a nerve. Don't be put off by the opening theme that's really poppy and nonsensical, because the rest is nothing like the opening sequence.

We'll be watching this one later on!

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