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Finished series: Zoku Natsume Jujinchou

We've finished watching Zoku Natsume Jujinchou. My first episode review is here.

It's the second season of the series, and the theme is still the same. There is a bit of a subtle shift though: Natsume starts to see more and more how other humans interact with the spirits. Sometimes they simply use them as tools, sometimes they're hunted by them -- and this shapes the way Natsume sees his own role in the grand scheme of things.
Also, not every spirit he encounters is in the Book of Friends anymore. As he roams further and further from home, he sometimes gets into trouble that simply giving back a name won't solve.

There is one episode that is really important. It turns out that Reiko knew his foster father, and that she once did an excorcism on the house where he still lives. The spirit that she expelled comes back, and Natsume must once again protect them from the spiritual harm that could befall them. The aftermath shows that his foster parents suspect something, but since Natsume doesn't want to talk about it, they simply accept these things.
It's a bit painful to see Natsume keeping to himself, fearing they'll think he's creepy if he confides in them. He keeps being a loner, even though the kind people surrounding him try to make him feel comfortable...

There's lots of bitter-sweet meetings and partings in the series. Lots of melancholy as spirits and humans alike reminisce about the old days. Natsume doesn't feel at home amongst the humans, but he can never be a spirit either. He does manage to deepen the friendships that he has and even forge some new ones, which gives him more self-confidence as time progresses.

Good points:
- Good mix of action and quiet scenes;
- Great character development.
Bad points:
- Turned into a more 'generic' supernatural series.

If you liked the first series, you'll like this one even better. Again, an 8.5.
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