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Finished series: K-ON!

We've finished watching K-ON!. My first episode review is here.

Yui started highschool, and she feels she needs to do something instead of simply idling at home. She can't decide on a club to attend, and thinking that the Light Music Club means that it's 'easy', she decides to join them. The other members are thrilled: with only the three of them, they have too few people to qualify as a club and would have to disband... However, Yui doesn't know anything about music, and gets thrust into the role of guitarist for the band -- which means she has to start from the very bottom...

For a series about a school band, it is surprisingly light on music. The focus is more on the characters than on their musical careers. Yui and Ritsu are easy-going and happy to just have tea in the music room instead of practice, while the serious Mio wants to practice. Tsumugi is a bit in the middle: happy to supply the cake and tea, but she also wants to play with the band.
The thirteen episodes span two years, so there's quite a few jumps in time -- but that's hardly a problem, since the focus is on the comedy and less on the struggle to get better. So we get two 'training camps' (at the beach-side villa of Tsumugi's parents) and two school festivals. In the second year, the gang manages to entice a freshman as well (who gets pasted into the opening animation -- a nice touch), which opens up a host of new comedy opportunities.

So, light-hearted comedy at its best. Some of the gags are laugh-out-loud funny, most get a smirk. The mix of characters works really, really well. Add in very nice character designs and excellent voice acting, and you have a very, very nice series to simply watch and enjoy. No deep plots, no unexpected twists, just bishoujo anime at its best. And yes, there is some music, and all of it is pretty nice too.

Good points:
- Light-hearted comedy that's actually funny;
- Great mix of characters;
- Great voice acting;
- Nice character designs.
Bad points:
- Not much character development or even a plot.

All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours. You won't be dissapointed! I'll give it my seal of approval and award it an 8.
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