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Recent stamps

Here's some more stamps I cut recently.

This is for the wife of a colleague, who graduated as a dentist recently. I saw this logo in a book on Japanese graphical design -- it's the logo of the 'Watanabe Dental Clinic', and I really love the flowing line of the tooth. It took some fiddling with my cutting tools to get it as smooth as the design, but I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. The stamp is 3x3 cm.
(I'm not sure she'll ever use it -- but that's her problem, not mine. ;) )

Also, on the Dutch geocaching website, someone asked where he could get a stamp made for a Letterbox he wanted to place. Lots of people advised him the standard stamp shops that can make a stamp from any black-and-white design -- but where's the fun in that? It's much more fun to have a hand-made stamp in a Letterbox! And that was what I wrote in my reply -- and to put my money where my mouth is, I offered to cut a stamp for this Letterbox.
It turns out that this Letterbox is in the province of Drenthe, and the design that was requested was simply the form of the province with the borders of the municipalities visible.
So this is what I made of it:

(Don't mind the incorrect rotation...)

Yeah, not very exciting, is it? So I mailed the cache-layer that I thought it would be most fun to have some sort of feature that is close by the location of the cache in the stamp as well. With some to-and-fro mailing, the cache-layer told me there'd be a jackpump (in Dutch we call them 'yes-nodders') close by -- and with the gasfields in Drenthe, there's a lot of jackpumps to be found.
So I made a design, and then cut it out as a stamp:

You have to agree: it's much better, right?
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