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Building towers is fun!

FFCC:MLAADL is oddly addictive. There's not much variation in the gameplay -- I mean, you have to build a tower to defeat adventurers who come to smash the crystal on top, how many variations can you make of that? And so far, I've been able to breeze through 2.5 chapters already without too much frustration. I'm notably bad in RTS games, but this, this I can do.
And when I finish a level, I always wonder: "Hmmm, what would the next level be like?" And then I see there's a large karma reward or even a new type of floor or monster to be gained, and I decide to do one more level... Sometimes you get a new type of adventurer, and you have to adapt your strategy accordingly. This progression is just gentle enough that I have time to keep up. And then you want to try it out on just one more level...

All in all, great fun. I hear the additional downloadable content makes the game easier, but so far I haven't had a need for it at all.
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