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Wii games

We've been playing with the Wii quite a bit recently. It seems we use the console with spurts: there might be a long time with no gaming, and then we find something to occupy us for quite some time.

After having finished House of the Dead: Overkill (that I posted about earlier), we found House of the Dead 2&3 really cheap in a toystore. It's a sort-of straight port of the HotD arcade games.
HotD2 is quite dated -- and the voice acting sounds like they hired a bunch of dopey narcoleptics or something... Still, blasting zombies is great fun, and together we routinely get to the end boss, but we haven't been able to beat the game completely yet.
HotD3 is much more advanced graphically, and it seems the voice acting got a little upgrade as well, but we haven't played it as much as HotD2. The box included a piece of plastic as the 'gun', but does anyone ever use those!?

And yesterday, I bought 'Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A Darklord' through WiiWare. We still had 1000 points kicking around, and so far it's been great fun. Tonight I finished the introduction stage. I've had a few close calls, but every time I emerged victorious. It's lots of fun to design a tower, lure hapless adventurers to your lair and then have your minions slaughter them. Every time I hear the 'Aaaargh!' of an adventurer falling to his doom, I rejoice.
The music is a bit monotonous, but the pacing can be so hectic that you don't have time to be bothered by it. There's also tons of extra content (that you have to pay for), but I'm going to see how long things stay interesting without buying extra stuff.

And there is one thing that would make Wii Fit infintely cooler: excercise playlists. As things are now, you have to select a workout, put down the controller, do the workout, take the controller again, get through the 'points' thing, and then select another workout. I would have liked to create some sort of 'training menu' with a set of exercises in a certain order, and simply work through those.
The points Wii Fit gives for stuff are ridiculous as well. Any game that tells me I have 'impressive abs' is immediately suspect.
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