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Finished series: Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo

We've finished watching Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo. My first episode review is here.

Ryoko is a police superintendent, and poor Junichiro is her underling. Ryoko is rich, handsome and brilliant -- and she finds shopping for clothes more important than her police work. Junichiro is treated as her personal slave, and he ends up spending more time holding Ryoko's shopping bags than investigating.
However, whenever there is something that seems to involve the supernatural, Ryoko's interest is piqued. When she bites into a case, she won't let go until the case is solved. She will happily use every resource available to her -- and being the apparent successor of the boss of a large private security firm with deep ties to the police, there's an impressive array of equipment available to her. She routinely requests the assistance of helicopters from them, where the police would be too slow or too caught up in red tape to be of any use...

She has a long-standing rivalry with Yukiko, another female police superintendent. Yukiko also has a male henchman, who is on friendly terms with Junichiro. They're not of any real consequence to the story, other than to serve as a way to get Ryoko fired up.
Translated, the series title is "From the Case Files of Yakushiji Ryoko", and there are nine cases in total. All of them involve some kind of supernatural aspect: there's cultists summoning monsters, monsters crawling the subways, an underground city filled with casino's... But in the end it's all about a power struggle between Ryoko's organisation and the head of a rival company that has deep ties with the military. Said head, the so-called 'Queen of Shiba', seems to be immortal. And it all ends with a rather large confrontation in the streets of Tokyo, with Ryoko driving around in a tank!
In the downtime, there's this romantic tension between Ryoko and Junichiro, but of course it never amounts to anything. And while Ryoko treats him as her personal slave, she does make sure he's alright -- as well as her two ninja maids...

It's an amusing series. There's not much real detective work involved -- the cases are all solved by Ryoko's brilliance and there's not much room for the audience to draw their own conclusions. With a bit more room for story-telling, that could have been better. That being said, the cases themselves are all interesting and sometimes Ryoko gets in a real bind, which adds some excitement to it all. And the series definately goes out with a bang!
The character designs fit well with the theme: no overly cute or deformed characters, but a semi-realistic style. However, it's also quite apparent that this isn't a really high-budget production. It's all done adequately and competently, but you won't be wowed by the animation or designs. That's not the focus of the series anyway, so it doesn't detract much from the experience.

Good points:
- Interesting cases;
- Likable characters.
Bad points:
- Cuts some storytelling corners.

All in all, an amusing watch for thirteen episodes. If you're getting fed up with watching the umpteenth bishoujo or harem series, this will offer something bite-sized refreshingly different. I'll give it a 7.
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