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New anime

Some more new anime:

Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori: Straight continuation of 'Kaiketsu Zorori', the story of a sly fox who tries to marry a princess and get a castle. The first episode is a recap of the first year, by his two dumb boar helpers.

Kanamemo: Kana's grandmother, her only remaining relative, dies. She finds herself on the street, hungy and without a place to stay, when she notices a place seeking workers and offering room and board. It's a newspaper delivery office, staffed with a wide variety of girls -- there's the genki one, the alcoholic one, the grade schooler who is the boss, and a yuri pair. Kana's cooking wins them over, and she has a place to stay.
Rather typical set-up that we know from a lot of other series. But it promises to be simple fun, with decent animation and good character designs.

Aura Battler Dunbine : Retro-sub of a fantasy mecha anime that didn't make any sense to us.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei: More of the same, with the same characters and the same types of jokes. Still, the animation style is pretty cool and snappy, but ultimately not cool and snappy enough to make us watch another series of this.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Season 2: More Haruhi! The weirdness continues, and in the first episode we see more of the backstory (with a timetravel plot that 'works'). More episodes, more weirdness, and with the same high level of quality as the first series. A sure-fire fan pleaser.

CANAAN: Canaan is an assassin. It's not entirely clear why, but of course there are people after her. During a festival in a Chinese city, she has to spring in action to protect herself. There's also something going on with people whose skulls explode with over-stimulation, and there's a hint of opposing organisations.
Very high-quality animation -- the festival scenes look especially lush and vibrant. The series is done in the best Bee Train/girls-with-guns tradition, except not by Bee Train, so I have high hopes for this one.

Needless: After WW3, mutants have appeared. Of course, this being a shounen series, all the mutants have fearsome powers. They're called Needless, and they're hunted down by a pharmaceutical company, who employs other Needless. Some kids sister is a Needless, and she is killed by one of the hunter robots employed by the company. He stumbles upon two other Needless who have a score to settle with the company.
Lots of shouting, lots of fighting, lots of bloody violence. And ugly too.

Princess Lover: Teppei's parents die in a mysterious traffic accident. He goes to live with his grandfather, but on his way he rescues a genuine princess (in low-cut dress, of course) when her carriage is attacked by hoodlums. And then it turns out that his grandfather is the head honcho of the powerfull Arima Group, who promptly points him out as his successor... Teppei finds himself in a new world, surrounded with lots of high-class ladies...
It's kinda stupid, but kinda fun too. The character designs are pretty nice, but that's not a big surprise when you know this is based on an adult dating game...

Weiss Survive: Ultra short episodes meant to sell a card game. Cutesy designs, but luckily it was over by the time we decided we didn't have any interest in it.

UFO Robo Grendizer: Retro-sub of a Mazinger spin-off. Main character is Duke Fleet, the sole survivor of an alien race who hides out on Earth, posing as a stable boy. But when the Vegans(!) attack, Duke slips into his hidden mecha and gets fighting, even though he fled to Earth to get away from the violence.

Taisho Yakyu Musume: Set in 1925, this tells the story of a band of highschool girls trying to set up a baseball team. This in a time when girls were taught to be shy and calm. This all in reaction of a baseball player telling one of the girls that they should just become housewives -- they want to prove him wrong, even without knowing anything about baseball.
An interesting premise, and an interesting time period that we don't see a lot of in anime. The classic period is still very much alive and kicking (a lot of the girls go to school in kimono), and it will be interesting to see what they make of this feminist statement.
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